Undertook business analysis for a start-up to create an entirely new marketplace that provides everything people need in modern working life 


Analysis into how a profitable start-up can improve the quality of working life for the 40% of people not employed on full-time contracts with benefits (labour market research, market analysis) 

Undertook data forecasting & modelling to build “a brand on every high street”. Developed business strategy



"The only people in america that are going to work the same job, in the same place, with a health and retirement package, for 30 years, are sitting in this chamber"

- Barack Obama, State of the Union Address 2016


There’s a brand new consumer walking around with a lifetime of work-related spending in their pocket. They need places to work, a computer, a pension, healthcare, someone to calculate and pay their taxes, food and drink and everything else employers used to provide on their behalf. It’s not just a few freelancers; everyone who works is having to do more and more themselves (30% of American workers are not working in employers’ offices on any given day; 40% don’t work a contract with benefits; 50% of global workers bring their own devices to work). But a marketplace has yet to emerge that does everything that employers have been doing for them: there’s no IT department, payroll company or HR outside the office; people don’t have access to the same IFAs, accountants and lawyers; and while there are many new places to work, nobody’s really thought about what working life could look like beyond offices now that people are choosing and paying for it themselves. work will create an entirely new marketplace of products & services that fills the hole that employers are leaving behind. Our mission is not to recreate the same quality of working life that employers have been providing for nearly a century now; our mission is to create a better quality of working life now that the individual is choosing and paying for everything themselves.